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3M acrylic foam tapes are the leading adhesive product for the bonding of automotive accessories and trim parts.  3M acrylic foam tape combine acrylic adhesives with viscoelastic foam cores to give the longest lasting hold available.

3M acrylic foam tapes have been used and tested in the automotive program requirements since the late 1970's. The tapes have become the standard for automotive companies and "The Way" trim and accessory part manufacturers attach exterior trim components.

3M acrylic foam tapes require no drilling into automotive painted surfaces, so the use of 3M tape eliminates the concern for rust development.  3M acrylic foam tapes expand and contract with temperature changes, giving a long lasting hold you can depend on.  The use of 3M acrylic foam tapes allow easy-to-use bonding, while maintaining the beauty of not needing unsightly bolts and screws.





Finally, itís here!  A painterís tape that actually works and gives you clean crisp lines after removing it!  FrogTape is specially designed to work with latex paint and is the only tape treated with PaintBlock Technology ... read more on Frog Tape.









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