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red bar  3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979/8979N

Performance Plus Duct Tape from 3M provides clean removal up to 6 months.
The latest advance in the 3M Duct Tape line takes high performance in new directions - outdoors into the sun, and cleanly off the surface.

  • Removes cleanly for up to six months from most opague surfaces, even after exposure to sunlight and temperature extremes.
  • Stays on for up to one year without deterioration, even outdoors.
  • Saves time of removing sticky residue.
  • Strong waterproof backing resists wear, abrasion, moisture, and weathering.
  • Aggressive adhesive for quick and reliable attachment.
  • High tensile strength for demanding applications.
  • Easy to tear, straight across and down without curling for ease of application.
  • Price:  $13.56 per roll for 2" x 55 yards.

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