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red bar  3M Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive

General Description
Formulated especially for adhering insulation materials in a wide variety of residential and commercial building or remodeling applications.  Does not attack foam board insulation.

Saves work time and materials cost.
Quick and easy to apply, 3MTM Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive allows you to spray, stick and save time and money.  With one can equivalent to 12 caulk cartridges of mastic adhesive, this formula can make a big difference in the schedules and budgets of residential and commercial property construction.  Because a single can covers more than 100 square feet, Insulation 78 is convenient for both large and small jobs.



Super 78

Industrial Aerosol Can, 17.25 oz. Net wt





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Product Characteristic 


Fast drying

Speeds assembly

Heat resistant up to 140 deg. Fht.


Lace-like spray pattern

Helps reduce overspray and misting