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We are pleased to announce that Carworx automotive products are now available through Adhere Distributors.  Carworx provides a huge line of professional workshop quality automotive refinishing products, tools and accessories, including:

  • Abrasives

  • Bonding, sealing and hardening products

  • Specialty primers, paints and finishes

  • Paint application products

  • Reducers/ Accelerators

  • Cleaning products for cars and the shop

  • Masking products, tapes and paper

  • Putties / Fillers

  • Safety and protection products

Carworx searches the world over to find unique products and products of the highest quality, such as their line of industrial paint finishes from Bernardo Ecenarro in Spain. Carworx products are extensively tested to make sure they are reliable, up-to-date and compliant with VOC regulations.

Adhere Distributors is excited to be providing this line of excellent automotive products and we’re confident that Carworx products will meet your rigorous expectations, and more!





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