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3M and Elixair are introducing a line of improved surface cleaning and sealant removal products specifically targeted for the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry. These products are designed to provide a better and more convenient clean-up for wet, semi-cured, or even fully-cured polysulphide, polythioether, polyurethane, RTV and silicone sealant residues as well as greases, oils and other general surface contaminants.

3M SkyWipes and SkySolv Wipes by Elixair are surface cleaning wipes developed for removing wet and semi-cured sealant residues, grease, oil and other common surface contaminants.

  • SkyWipes are impregnated with 3Mís SkyWash, a water-based, low VOC cleaning solution.
  • SkySolv Wipes are full strength solvent-based wipes with tougher cleaning capabilities.
  • Both are available in dispensing containers for convenient use.

3M SkyWash Surface Cleaning Liquids by Elixair are water-based, safe alternatives to traditional solvents such as MEK, MPK, IPA and acetone. Sky Wash is excellent for quick cleaning of grease, oil, common surface contaminants and wet and semi-cured sealants.

3M SkyRestore Cured Sealant Remover by Elixair is an innovative product for the removal of fully cured polysulfide sealants and most cured rubber adhesive residues. SkyRestore comes as a liquid or thixotropic gel for overhead and vertical applications and can be used with Elixair Sealant Removal Tools.

All of these 3M/Elixair products come in a variety of convenient sizes to accommodate your specific requirements.





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