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Focused On Quality


For over 30 years, Adhere Distributors has been servicing industries including truck, trailer, bus, aerospace, appliance, electronic, furniture, rail, automotive, window and various other manufacturers with proven solutions to all their application requirements.


Quality adhesive, sealant, and tape products combined with superior service are hallmarks of Adhere Distributors. Everyday, we assist design and manufacturing engineers to meet the challenges of delivering superior products to the increasingly competitive marketplace.


By providing reliable products from the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive, sealants, and tapes, Adhere Distributors can help you improve assembly operations, increase production efficiency and reduce your overall costs.  Adhere Distributors' technical representatives will work with your staff, analyzing your application requirements and recommending the best products and process for your unique application.



1663 Burrows Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2X 3B5

Telephone:  (204) 694-1660
Toll free (Canada):  (800) 665-7962
Fax:  (204) 697-1584

For more information, please email us at orderdesk@adheredist.com or use our contact us form.

*Please note that we are located on the Main Floor of PolarBear Rubber Inc.